Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Non-Crazy Part Of The Crazy Cukkad Family

Just out of the screening of Crazy Cukkad Family. Cinema is an instrument of change. This small film in the midst of mega budget multicrore films manages to leave an indelible mark in the mind of the viewer.

It is remarkable to note that a film that is comically themed on human greed, very substantially makes a point about human nature and human need of love. This is the first film I have seen besides my own - Amen, that shows a homosexual couple in a happily-ever-after moment. The film makes a  makes a poignant point without no taste of preachiness about acceptance of a Gay Couple and that of a cross dressing straight man. The cherry on the cake is a scene where a gay marriage is shown alongside a heterosexual marriage with no shoo-sha or humour.

In a sharp contrast it doesn't show gay people as cheaters or losers or diseased or specially gifted. The characters are shown at par with the heterosexual counterparts, as greedy and selfish and as human as everyone else in the ensemble cast. It normalises and equalises same sex relationships.

This film portrays that in a greedy dysfunctional crazy and abnormal family too, the most normal thing is being gay. It is not an 'issue' or a 'cause', the character is just gay. As simple as it reads here.  In a nation where Bollywood is a religion, crazy cukkad family would definitely be placed on the pedestal for the healthy depiction of queer content.

If you are LGBT especially, do yourself a favour - watch this film.

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