Monday, November 16, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton: She Is Not Shouting, She Doesn’t Need to

I love people, powerful people. I’m fascinated by people who are go-getters. Needless to say that I feel increasingly drawn to Hillary Rodham Clinton a.k.a HRC who famously declared, “I’m a progressive who likes to get things done”.

I’m drawn to her because she is not afraid of facing the truth. HRC has been through several trials by fire, the most recent being the Benghazi hearings. I like how she always stays calm and never fails to make a point. She does not pontificate or mouth coma-inducing platitudes. HRC always has real solutions, a solid plan and hard arithmetic backing for everything she says or does, minus drama and melodrama. That inspires confidence.

This article was published in TheQuint. To read the entire article CLICK HERE

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