Monday, November 16, 2015

Here’s Why I Am Turning Vegan for a Month

...November is ‘World Vegan Month’ and I am giving it a shot. I’m vegetarian, but have decided to take another step forward to fulfill a promise made to every furry friend I have had. I’m going vegan. To be vegan is to rid one’s diet of not just chicken, meat, sea food or eggs but all animal products including dairy and even honey!

I owe this to Jimmy… to his love and how it has been a blessing to me and my kind for as long as I can remember. Jimmy was my dearest friend and confidante. He was a bow-wow, who helped me deal with my insecurities and fears of a disturbed childhood ridden with several rapes, financial crises and loneliness. All it took for this loving canine to heal me, was listening to me with commitment and compassion as I unloaded some of my heaviest burdens.

Whenever I came back home, Jimmy would greet me with unbridled joy. But when he could sense that something was weighing me down, Jimmy would gently lead me to my room and insist that I shut the door. He would rub his head under my chin and urge me to share my anguish with him....

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Girija said...

Hey Harish!

What a wonderful decision .. ! This is Feb 2016 and I was wondering if you are able to keep this going? There may times you'll falter but remember to get up and get started all over again, each time. Think Jimmy and it will empower you. I started just like you some eight years ago, and was a milk and egg eating vegetarian all my life. Now no more!

Lots of love,

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