Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Great Indian Piss Fantasy

what is India's fascination with the piss. 
Morarji Desai, Ex Prime Minister, drank pee to cure himself of all ailments. LINK 

 Previously, Ajit Pawar, from Nationalist Congress Party, the then irrigation minister, responded to a question with an angry "if the dam doesnt have water, should I pee" LINK

Now Nitin Gadkari, proudly proclaims that the plants in his garden are watered by his pee.

While there is nothing wrong I read with Morarji Desai's pee drinking fetish. There are many in our country who like to be peed on, it is a fetish, and it is called "golden showers", well if it works for the couple, good for them.

There is something deeply antisocial about Ajit Pawar and Nitin Gadkari. I have a problem with their Pee comments. The issue with Ajit Pawar's pee is that the dam he was commenting about, was to help the poor with Irrigation, human consumption.. 

The issue with Nitin Gadkari's Pee advice, in which he proudly proclaims that he Leads By Example is that it is not he who waters the plants. He gets his Gardener to carry his pee to the plants. LINK 

Both belong to different parties, but pee binds them together. both dictate what others should do with their pee, while their business is only to pee and offer free pee advice.

Maybe they would be irate after reading this status update of mine. may be their bhakts will be angry too... 

Well, that's alright... it is always better to be pissed off, than to be pissed on!

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